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108, 2023

Importance of a Balanced Diet

The importance of a balanced diet to a healthy lifestyle cannot be overemphasized. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by eating a balanced diet and considering all the essential nutrients your body needs. A good nutrition plan can help you reach your ideal weight and reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and other […]

2907, 2023

5 Important Supplements To Keep Yourself Healthy & Fit

Due to our current lifestyle or our unhealthy eating habits, most of us have stopped taking care of our health for good. While an active lifestyle, sound sleep, and stress-free are important to stay healthy, so is the need to ensure proper nutritional intake through diet, and if your diet fails to meet your nutritional needs, then taking […]

2807, 2023

We Care For You

We have always heard the words ‘health’ and ‘fitness’. We use it ourselves when we say phrases like ‘health is wealth’ and ‘fitness is the key’. What does the word health really mean? It implies the idea of ‘being well’. We call a person healthy and fit when he/she functions well physically as well as mentally.

1507, 2023

See The Beauty Inside You

While we often focus on external factors such as skincare routines, makeup, and personal hygiene, we are equally aware that self-care plays an important role in achieving and maintaining a beautiful appearance. It is important. Let’s take a look at some tips you can take to become happier and healthier.

1. Shining Confidence:
True beauty […]

607, 2023

Summary Sunday: Issue #525

The basics of job search haven’t changed. But the tools and tech to help you secure a new one have. When it comes to looking for a new job, you’ll want to efficiently use your time, ensure you are qualified, and present those qualifications in writing and during the job interview. These are the basics. […]

The post

607, 2023

What Type Of Work Environment Do You Prefer? Answer Tips

“What type of work environment do you prefer?” is a common job interview question that you need to be prepared for. Your answer will be an indication of how well you’ll fit and perform, so interviewers will be paying close attention to what you say! This guide will teach you how to prepare a response […] The post What […]
607, 2023

Summary Sunday: Issue 526

Job search is exhausting! Instead of taking a break, try new approaches and strategies. And as we head into the summer months, many job seekers are thinking about taking a break. Instead of putting your job search on hold, dial it back. Decrease your job search activities to part-time status, limit the activities you find […] The post Summary […]
607, 2023

Answers To Describe What You’re Most Excited About At Work

“Describe what you’re most excited about at work” is a unique interview question that many candidates aren’t prepared for. While it might not seem hard to answer from afar, it’s deceptively tricky to deal with on the spot. This guide will teach you how to come up with an impressive response that makes the interviewer […] The post Answers […]
607, 2023

15 Clear Signs You Didn’t Get The Job (And Why)

Ideally, looking for a job would be a transparent process. You’d simply apply, interview, and get a yes or no right away. But unfortunately, that’s not how things go. Radio silence, vague responses, and shifting sentiment can often leave you wondering if you still have a chance of getting hired or if it’s time to […] The post 15 […]
607, 2023

Summary Sunday: Issue #527

When it comes to job search, sometimes we need fresh ideas or a different perspective. Step outside the box and see what new-to-you ideas you discover. In this week’s issue you’ll learn about: These curated articles/posts are written by talented people. If you like what you’ve read, follow them! And feel free to share this […]

The post

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